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ProAV Media Extender 5Ghz Digital


1. Question: Can I add an extra receiver to my system?
Answer: Extra receivers can be added to the initial order so that you may have a one transmitter/multiple receiver system. Extra receivers need to be specially configured on the production line and can not be ordered later to work with your existing transmitter/receiver. Adding one or more extra receivers will disable the IR Extender features. Please ask the Sales Department for ordering information for this special configuration.

2. Question: Will the ProAV Media Extender conflict with my cordless phones or wireless Internet?
Answer: No, we have not seen any case where these devices will interfere with each other.

2. Question: Is there a delay in the wireless transmission?
Answer: Yes, there is a several millisecond delay.

3. Question: I don't have any sound.
Answer: Double-check to make sure that the red and white RCA cables are connected correctly on both the transmitter and receiver end. Try using a different set of cables. If the problem persists, the units will need to be repaired.

4. Question: The link lights on the transmitter and receiver blink. I don't get video or audio on the TV.
Answer: Please try re-pairing the units with this procedure -

A. Unplug power to both units.
B. On the receiver unit, PRESS and HOLD in the PAIR button then plug power back in.
C. When power is plugged in, release the PAIR button.
D. Within 30 seconds, repeat this same procedure at the receiver.

In about 30-60 seconds the units should connect.

If this doesn't work, or if you can't get to the receiver to perform this within 30 seconds of doing it at the transmitter, repeat the same procedure with the transmitter and receiver in the same room until they pair together. Then you can separate them to different rooms and they should connect automatically.

5. Question: The power light on my AC power adapter blinks (this will also cause the lights on the transmitter and receiver to blink, because the units will not be able to pair.
Answer: Try swapping the transmitter and receiver power adapters. If they continue to blink, the power adapter with the blinking light may be bad and should be replaced.